In the time of the Fasti Verulani

A city of ancient origin, Veroli stands on a hill in the South-eastern sector of the Ernici Mountains. The polygonal walls are from the pre-Roman period. With Roman and medieval overlays, the walls are still visible today. Veroli fell under the rule of Rome but, remaining ever loyal to it, as early as 90 B.C. the city obtained the title of Roman municipality and therefore it had administrative autonomy. The Fasti Verulani (1st century A.D.) is a testament to Veroli’s alliance with Rome. It is a distinctive Roman marble calendar. The cathedral of Santa Maria Salome (St. Mary Salome) is beautiful with its Scala Santa (Holy Staircase). The historic district of Veroli is one of the most beautiful in Ciociaria. A short distance away is theAbbazia di Casamari (Casamari Abbey), one of the most important Italian monasteries with Cistercian Gothic architecture.


17 November 2022
Certosa da Rotonaria

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9 November 2022
Ciociaria dispensa romana

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11 October 2022
Evento presentazione DMO 3 ottobre

DMO presentation event

Finalmente è ufficiale …siamo partiti! Abbiamo presentato il 3 Ottobre presso la sala Mescita della Fonte Bonifacio VIII a Fiuggi il nostro progetto di promozione e […]
13 September 2022
Rotta Santa Salome Veroli

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13 September 2022
La rotta della pietra

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5 September 2022
La rotta dell'olio

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