Salus per Aquam.
All forms of wellness
at once

If you are looking for a feeling of weightlessness and tranquillity, you will find mental and physical balance here.  Water is the main element; the energy centre that is necessary for your wellness. With us you will find the best SPAs, springs and baths, with areas specialising in wellness and personal care. You’ll find all of the types of water, holistic massages, and opulent relaxation zones. And you will leave with the feeling of an absolute and unconditional zest for life. The choice is yours.

Miraculous water.
And the energy
of nature all around

The energy of the water of the Fonti di Fiuggi. Fiuggi water has therapeutic qualities. It "breaks stone", as Michelangelo wrote. From the natural springs of the Ernici Mountains comes this miracle of nature that purifies the body. And around the Fiuggi drinking water, there is a wonderful natural park: the Fonte Bonifacio VIII, an admirable work of modern architecture, and the Fonte Anticolana, an explosion of floral colours, tree-lined avenues, and sports facilities.

In the ancient pools of the Fontana Olente, in search of eternal youth

Ferentino is famous for its sulphurous waters. The thermal baths are surrounded by the beauty of centuries-old olive trees. It is an ideal place to enjoy the benefits of the thermal and mud baths, with exclusive body treatments. The centre specialises in wellness medicine. It ensures all encompassing diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitative possibilities, especially by treating the respiratory tract, osteoarticular problems, circulation, and skin health.

Alta Ciociaria,
wellness destination

Known as a wellness destination, Alta Ciociaria has many hotels with SPAs, body treatments, and fitness areas. Each has an exclusive journey into wellness . For details about the services that are offered, please contact the facilities.