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30 November 2022
rotta delle bici

The bike itinerary

The bike itinerary to see the Old Rail Stations Stops: Fiuggi, Altipiani di Arcinazzo, Piglio, Acuto, Fiuggi Start and finish: Fiuggi Distance: 38 km Height difference: […]
28 November 2022
Indagine sugli italiani e le terme - Federalberghi

Survey on Italians and spas – Federalberghi

Download the PDF here: Press release – Survey on Italians and spas – Italian
17 November 2022
Certosa da Rotonaria

The green itinerary

The green itinerary (from Fiuggi to Collepardo) The territory has so many paths and trails in an endless maze that they will meet the needs of […]
17 November 2022
Grotte di Pastena

Karst caves

Karst caves It is not very well known that Alta Ciociaria is also a karst area from a geological point of view. These lands are a […]
17 November 2022
Giardino di Ninfa

The Nymph Garden

Giardino di Ninfa (The Nymph Garden) Plants, flowers, architecture: all in a magical and fantastic mix, where every corner is a discovery of the senses. Depending […]
15 November 2022
Abbazia Montecassino

Montecassino Abbey

Abbazia di Montecassino (Montecassino Abbey) This wonderfully white abbey stands out as it is perched on the hill overlooking Cassino. The hairpin turns before you reach […]
9 November 2022
Ciociaria dispensa romana

The food itinerary

The food itinerary Rich in water and vast arable land, this area was the larder of the Roman emperors and subsequently the Popes. The imperial villas […]
19 October 2022

DMO Alta Ciociaria at the TTG in Rimini

Tutto il mondo del turismo in un unico evento! Dal 12 al 14 Ottobre 2022 siamo stati presenti alla manifestazione italiana di riferimento per la promozione […]
11 October 2022
Evento presentazione DMO 3 ottobre

DMO presentation event

Finalmente è ufficiale …siamo partiti! Abbiamo presentato il 3 Ottobre presso la sala Mescita della Fonte Bonifacio VIII a Fiuggi il nostro progetto di promozione e […]
13 September 2022
press tour dmo alta Ciociaria

The first press tour of the DMO Alta Ciociaria

Giornalisti e blogger in Alta Ciociaria Vi raccontiamo la nostra prima attività di Press Tour realizzato con 11 giornalisti di importanti testate nazionali, per scoprire le […]
13 September 2022
La rotta dei castelli

The castle itinerary

The castle itinerary Baronial, military and lookout castles. Each hill had one type. Many are now restored and open to the public. Others are in ruins. […]
13 September 2022
Rotta Santa Salome Veroli

The Saints itinerary

The Saints itinerary The natural structure of this area is conducive to spirituality, and we see evidence of it by the number of Saints and Blesseds […]
13 September 2022
La rotta della pietra

The stone itinerary

The stone itinerary Stone cities, built by ancient and mysterious inhabitants, are still lived in today. Impressive city walls formed by huge boulders leaning on each […]
11 September 2022
Meraviglie Tivoli


Tivoli Water features, lush gardens, and archaeological antiquities. This is Tivoli, which is graced by the splendid villas Adriana Gregoriana e Villa d’Este. It has been […]
11 September 2022
Meraviglie Palestrina


Palestrina Perched on the Prenestini Mountains but fairly close to the valley, the city of Palestrina is dominated by the beautiful building that is now the […]
11 September 2022
Monasteri benedettini

The benedictine monasteries

I monasteri benedettini (The benedictine monasteries) Subiaco: one step after another, one little chapel after another. Going up to the monasteries is like a procession towards […]
5 September 2022

The water itinerary

The water itinerary Gushing water, running water, healing water. How many different kinds of water are there? As many as you can imagine. From the highest […]
5 September 2022
L'abbazia di Casamari

Casamari Abbey

Abbazia di Casamari (Casamari Abbey) The imposing entrance faces the access road and to the left there is an aqueduct from the Roman era that crosses […]
5 September 2022
L'abbazia di Fossanova

Fossanova Abbey

Abbazia di Fossanova (Fossanova Abbey) The gleam of the Fossanova church can be seen from so far away that it guides us in the right direction. […]
5 September 2022
La rotta del vino

The wine itinerary

The wine itinerary Surrounding the Scalambra, the Cesanese territories open up like a clover. There is completely different soil and exposure, giving the wine a variety […]
5 September 2022
Certosa di Trisulti

Trisulti Charterhouse

Trisulti Charterhouse (Certosa di Trisulti) It is always exciting to visit the Trisulti Charterhouse, as the cool and quiet spaces welcome all visitors. The sound of […]
5 September 2022
La rotta dell'olio

The olive oil itinerary

The olive oil itinerary The tradition of olive oil in Ciociaria is long-standing. Since Roman times. There were villae in which edible oil and oils for […]