You look up and realise you're inside a dream.
You stop and stare because it’s what you've been looking for

Sometimes it so happens that you look up and you’re enchanted. The beauty of a cloister, the shape of a tree, the sweetness of a smile. When it happens, don't let it pass you by: simply marvel in it. In and around Alta Ciociaria.

15 July 2023
Monasteri benedettini

The benedictine monasteries

I monasteri benedettini (The benedictine monasteries) Subiaco: one step after another, one little chapel after another. Going up to the monasteries is like a procession towards […]
17 November 2022
Grotte di Pastena

Karst caves

Karst caves It is not very well known that Alta Ciociaria is also a karst area from a geological point of view. These lands are a […]
17 November 2022
Giardino di Ninfa

The Nymph Garden

Giardino di Ninfa (The Nymph Garden) Plants, flowers, architecture: all in a magical and fantastic mix, where every corner is a discovery of the senses. Depending […]
15 November 2022
Abbazia Montecassino

Montecassino Abbey

Abbazia di Montecassino (Montecassino Abbey) This wonderfully white abbey stands out as it is perched on the hill overlooking Cassino. The hairpin turns before you reach […]
11 September 2022
Meraviglie Tivoli


Tivoli Water features, lush gardens, and archaeological antiquities. This is Tivoli, which is graced by the splendid villas Adriana Gregoriana e Villa d’Este. It has been […]
11 September 2022
Meraviglie Palestrina


Palestrina Perched on the Prenestini Mountains but fairly close to the valley, the city of Palestrina is dominated by the beautiful building that is now the […]
5 September 2022
L'abbazia di Casamari

Casamari Abbey

Abbazia di Casamari (Casamari Abbey) The imposing entrance faces the access road and to the left there is an aqueduct from the Roman era that crosses […]
5 September 2022
L'abbazia di Fossanova

Fossanova Abbey

Abbazia di Fossanova (Fossanova Abbey) The gleam of the Fossanova church can be seen from so far away that it guides us in the right direction. […]
5 September 2022
Certosa di Trisulti

Trisulti Charterhouse

Trisulti Charterhouse (Certosa di Trisulti) It is always exciting to visit the Trisulti Charterhouse, as the cool and quiet spaces welcome all visitors. The sound of […]