On the peaks of the Ernici and Simbruini Mountains, when you can shake hands with the horizon

Alta Ciociaria is a wonderful natural park. The Ernici Mountains and the Simbruini Mountains frame this area that has fascinating itineraries. They will lead you to the discovery of perched villages, centuries-old forests, pristine lakes, spring waters, and small waterfalls.

Climb up two thousand metres and enter the animal kingdom.
Live the fairytale

The mountains of the central Apennines are home to an extraordinary mosaic of biodiversity: beech forests, grasslands, rocky areas, and steep cliffs. This is the kingdom not only of roe deer, chamois and deer, but also of wolves, bears, and eagles. The CAI has mapped out spectacular itineraries that join the Ernici and Simbruini mountains, crossing the two ski resorts of Campocatino e Campo Staffi, in the middle of the Simbruini Mountains Natural Park overlooking the Aniene Valley. Peaks around two thousand meters such as Mount Viglio, Crepacuore, La Rotonaria, Tarino and Mount Autore. Come up to enjoy fresh air, free-roaming animals, and pure water springs.

Rocks, crosses, woods, lakes, roofs, voices. Alta Ciociaria is a whirlwind of emotions

Wild nature and breathtaking views, where your gaze often meets the majesty of an ancient monastery such as the Charterhouse of Trisulti or the sanctuaries visited by thousands of pilgrims, such as the Sanctuary of the Holy Trinity. Then you venture down to see the gentle rows of the Cesanese vineyards, where nature meets hard work in the fields: Paliano, Serrone, Piglio, Acuto, and Anagni. A whirlwind of colours and flavours of this land, reaching as far as the Nature Reserve of Lake Canterno that joins together Ferentino, Fiuggi, Fumone, and Trivigliano. Or walk through the forests of Paliano, a natural oasis, where playing sports is an experience for the whole family.

Bicycle paths, mountain trails, forest walks. Everyone finds their own energy, or their own way of feeling alive

In these parts, sport is mostly done outdoors. Fresh air, favourable climate, bike paths, mountain trails, and adventure parks are ready and waiting for your many activities. If you love being on the go while on holiday, you are spoiled for choice. There is a circuit of bicycle and walking trails, such as the thirty kilometres of Paliano - Fiuggi or the recent - scenic - bicycle path that runs along Lake Canterno. You will be able to cross Alta Ciociaria in the saddle or on foot, passing through ancient stations, small bridges, vineyards and olive groves. It is also a paradise for road cyclists who can climb the challenging hairpin turns of the mountains, arriving on the highest rocks to enjoy spectacular views.

Some people paraglide. Others climb a mountain.
Don't worry, there is also golf

An irrepressible urge to move. Because here it is impossible to stand still. Nature awaits. Everyone will sooner or later have an adventurous horseback ride, or they will start a hike, or curiosity might get the best of them and they will want to try nordic walking. For the more daring, there is paragliding in Serrone, or cliff climbing in Pilarocca, between Acuto e Piglio. Golfers will love the Fiuggi 1928 Golf Club. With its 18 holes and scenic views, it is one of the most beautiful courses in Italy.

A vacation of sport and wellness, immersed in nature.
With a sudden freedom

There is no shortage of sport centres where you can jump into traditional sport such as football, tennis, swimming, basketball, and volleyball, alongside the newer padel courts. Set in enchanting landscapes, our many natural spots also set the stage for activities that stimulate the pursuit of mental and physical wellness, such as forest therapy, yoga, and thai chi.