On the slopes of the Scalambra

The village of Serrone is located on the slopes of Mount Scalambra and, from the finds that were discovered on the land, the town was certainly inhabited by the Ernici and later by the Romans. Because of the passage of trade, in the Middle Ages Serrone was under the control of the Papal State and had its ups and downs, with more prosperous periods of time as well as epidemics and famine. With the many vineyards and an excellent wine production, the area has its rightful place on the Cesanese route. In addition to the Museo dei Costumi (Costume Museum), thanks to its elevated location, it is an ideal place to practice hang gliding and paragliding. You should definitely try the Ciambella di Serrone (Doughnut from Serrone), but all of the local cuisine is a local source of pride.


26 July 2023
Sfide in evidenza

Sfide – Video Experience

Sfide Sara è una chef giovane e ambiziosa. Vuole a tutti i costi convincere della bontà dei suoi piatti quel severissimo e influente avventore del suo […]
9 November 2022
Ciociaria dispensa romana

The food itinerary

The food itinerary Rich in water and vast arable land, this area was the larder of the Roman emperors and subsequently the Popes. The imperial villas […]
11 October 2022
Evento presentazione DMO 3 ottobre

DMO presentation event

Finalmente è ufficiale …siamo partiti! Abbiamo presentato il 3 Ottobre presso la sala Mescita della Fonte Bonifacio VIII a Fiuggi il nostro progetto di promozione e […]
5 September 2022
La rotta dell'olio

The olive oil itinerary

The olive oil itinerary The tradition of olive oil in Ciociaria is long-standing. Since Roman times. There were villae in which edible oil and oils for […]
5 September 2022
La rotta del vino

The wine itinerary

The wine itinerary Surrounding the Scalambra, the Cesanese territories open up like a clover. There is completely different soil and exposure, giving the wine a variety […]